Start with a vacation

I have felt several times the need to start this blog, but procrastinated and rationalized it away.  This last weekend we took our family on a long overdue, much needed vacation.  On this vacation I saw many small miracles and realized that I could so easily rationalize them as coincidence.  Or I could specifically recognize them as divine intervention.  I chose to recognize these little daily assists as direct help from the Lord for my little family.  I suspect that the vast majority of “miracles” are quickly dismissed as luck or coincidence.  I may go overboard here and may attribute a few little coincidences as divine intervention that did not need to be categorized as such, but I suspect that I will still be deficit in recognizing the Hand of the Lord in my life.  Right now I have a mustard seed of faith that I can find a miracle every day of my life.  Some days will have more than one.  Some days I may need to draw from others until I create the power in my own life to experience them daily.

I have set a goal to share at least one evidence of God’s love for my family every day.  In so doing I actually have 3 goals.  Goal 1:  To become more aware of the love of God in my life.  Goal 2: To lift someone else with my experience so that they can also feel God’s love for them.  Goal 3:  To share my faith in and love for my Savior.

May 30 – June 2 my family traveled from Washington, UT up north to Logan, UT to bring my son to orientation at Utah State University where he will be attending in the fall, and to do some camping.  The first few posts will comment on the miraculous protections we received on that trip.  As you read, you will probably notice that we are just an everyday family, doing everyday things.



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