A few clouds

Driving home from Logan we realized that with our old cars we had made another major mistake.  My car had no air conditioning.  It wasn’t an issue in Logan or on short trips around home.  Unfortunately, on this trip we were heading home to 100 degree weather in the heat of the afternoon for several hours with only one driver in the car (and I HATE driving distances anyway.)  We ended up stopping every hour or so to prevent dehydration, fatigued driving, and heat stroke.  I was getting very tired and having a harder and harder time driving.  It was getting later and later and I just needed to get home.   I needed the sun to go down, but it was still a few hours from sunset.   We stopped for dinner and played in the sprinklers, but I was still hot and tired.  As I drove the next stretch I noticed that our partially cloudy sky was doing something rather odd.  The few clouds that were in the sky all gathered in one spot.  They gathered so thickly in front of the sun that the sun became a dull red circle that was actually  quite dramatic to look at.  The clouds gathered in front of the setting sun, and covered it all the way down until it dropped below the horizon. Sunset that night was a thick cover of clouds directing the sun in a bright red pathway.

Just a few clouds in exactly the right spot.  Just a few degrees cooler at just the time I needed a little bit of heat relief.  Could be coincidence but it was a major help in getting me home safely.  I’ll consider moving the clouds a full miracle.  I think I could have easily missed that help from above – except that bright red sun/cloud was absolutely stunning.  I wish I had taken a picture.  Next time I will.


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