Multiple coincidences

Got a call last week that our stake has decided to do a clothing exchange as its humanitarian project and they wanted me to help out on the committee.  That was quite the coincidence because I have been trying for years to get our ward or stake to do one, but no one seemed to realize that.  Clothing exchanges in Vegas had been a huge help for our family.  Then yesterday Les was able to stop at a freecycle place on the way out to a tune and pick up 8 huge bags of clothing.  As we are getting started sorting it we found an entire bag full of theater clothing that Katie can use next year.  There were a lot of crazy things, and lots of things too large.  But mixed in the wrong seasons and sizes were small handfuls of the specific types of clothes for the 3 people in our family I had been worried about getting specific clothing for.  Enough coincidences that are this beneficial to my family should count for a small miracle.


One thought on “Multiple coincidences

  1. While I don’t personally believe in organized religion I do know the Church of Latter Day Saints helps a lot of people around the globe, and no I can’t say that in my process of research and beliefs that I looked very hard at the Mormon religious beliefs, but I allow others to live as they will. I don’t know if the place that Les got the clothing was church based or community based but I am glad for you and your family, Being a father and having raised 4 children with my wife, I know how humbling it is to have to rely on the graciousness of others, including people, the community and the church. If it weren’t for those services we would have been quite a bit worse off than we were. And if you can get past my first statement and hopefully you do you will find that the belief system that I gave up years ago was done for reasons that I will get to in my blog, if you wish to read it, if you are wondering if I believe in God, well yes but probably not in the way that you believe in him, I have to ask myself why I am telling this, is in hope that you will understand me, or is it that I feel at this point in my life to reveal why and what my belief system is. I don’t know we are strangers that have read posts from one anothers blogs, and perhaps through reading one anothers blogs we will come to know one another, that might be a good thing. Perhaps you may even come to accept me for the person I am and understand why I am the way I am, do you think? I will think on this, perhaps even meditate on this.

    In peace I will leave you,
    Dan Kline

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