Raising the Next Generation

Cub Scouting

Cub Scouting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Saturday my husband and I went and did some training for Cub Scouts.  We absolutely love the program and even more now that our oldest boy has grown and progressed through Eagle, I appreciate now the groundwork that was done back when he was eight years old.  Anyhow,  I listened to stories of how a prompting inspired a Scoutmaster to help a boy finish his eagle.  Not a big deal, right?  Well that boy was going through some major drama in his home life, and just weeks later found himself alone and homeless with only the clothes on his back and a stack of photos of his eagle project to comfort him and sustain him.  I reflected on the spiritual and emotional comfort and confidence we can instill in others through the physical programs of the BSA.  I believe this Scoutmaster saved a life that month as the youth was able to stand up, finish high school, and move forward in his life.  Those are the miracles that come through preparation, a willingness to serve and sacrifice our time, and by being in a place to help others.


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