Did “True Love” die with Miracles?

Paolo Uccello's depiction of Saint George and ...

Paolo Uccello’s depiction of Saint George and the dragon,

Just have yesterday and today to document.

Today wasn’t all that exciting.  Paid bills, and boring stuff.  I’ll recognize that it was pretty cool that I didn’t accidentally miss my DH coming home early as I was leaving to run errands, and we were able to plan the rest of the week together.  Just coincidence though.



Sunday was also uneventful, but the closest thing to a miracle was some husband/wife time alone together despite the seven kids.  Not overly appropriate to cover here, but it did remind me of a cool story from when we were dating that would be more appropriate here.

Our first “real kiss” was an experience to say the least.  We were a little twitterpated to begin with, but as he kissed me something happened that I can not describe.  I was absolutely overcome with an emotion that I had never experienced before, nor have I experienced it since.  I was completely overpowered with an emotion that caused me to start shaking and sobbing.  I couldn’t do anything but hold him close and sob.  This lasted for about an hour.

In my mind that night I decided that I could not describe, rationalize, or justify my response.  At the time I decided that he would probably be too nice to dump me right away, but to prepare myself for the inevitable.  The loss would be completely my fault.  For some odd reason we kept dating, we kept kissing, etc. and rather than realizing that he was not dumping me, I pushed the incident completely out of my mind.

Initially I thought that we just had some sort of crazy chemistry thing going on.  As I married him, matured, and had some better hindsight, I developed a different theory.  I think that it was a message for me that I had found the person I was supposed to marry.  You hear sappy, silly stories of the poor damsel in distress who is rescued by the prince, they kiss and “their fate is sealed” and they live happily ever after.  I’m the first person to say that that is silliness.  However, maybe part of it isn’t supposed to be.  Maybe in days gone by we were better at recognizing that there are messages for us from powers greater than our cell phones.  Maybe God does try to talk to us, maybe He does try to let us know who we are supposed to marry, but we are too stubborn to listen.  I know I was more than a little stubborn.

Anyhow, several months later, when I realized that he WAS a match for me, I began to pray that I would know for sure if I was supposed to marry him.  I was surprised that my answer was that I had already been told.  I think I was told many times along the way, I had just failed to notice each one.  The kiss was just the first answer that I had missed.

It beggs the question of just how many wonderful things we miss in the name of being logical, rational, and denying any potential divine intervention in our lives?


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