Missing Miracles Even When Looking for Them!

English: JJS Karate kids during training at Ja...

I realized yesterday that I had overlooked a simple miracle Monday.  I woke up and had an idea in my head of something I needed to do with my kids.  It wasn’t a spectacular idea, but it was just what they needed.  Years ago we purchased a video series that taught basic karate skills and personal safety and discipline tips.  I realized Monday morning that my younger children needed to go through this series, and I knew exactly when and how to do it.  So, at 8am I pulled the youngest kids out of bed and started in.  Now that I have been doing it a couple of days, I am realizing how much they are going to benefit from this activity.

When I dedicate my life to my children I get the most awesome inspirations of how to help them.  The harder I look for success outside the home the less inspiration I receive.  Focusing on my family and children used to be the easiest thing for me, and my older children are turning out absolutely awesome!  I know I need to step back and do the same for my younger ones, but the pull to “fix” my husband’s poor track record of employment is SO distracting.

My children have been bored, undisciplined, unstructured, unchallenged, unmotivated, disrespectful, and generally lazy.  Sound pretty typical?  I was talking with a neighbor the other day and her child has gotten so bad she doesn’t even get out of bed in the summers and parents are both too busy working to do anything about it.  As a mother I don’t think I could let my children get to this point.  Typical families and typical children are simply not living up to their potential.

Anyhow, I digress.  As we get into our morning routine I am noticing how much my 4 year old is looking forward to his daily exercise.  I’m getting some daily exercise as well.  Already the pocking, hitting and tattling are beginning to decrease.  We still have a ways to go, but at least we are headed in the right direction.  I know I’m not a smart enough parent to always know what everyone needs, but I hope to be a faithful enough mother to always know how to help and how to raise them.

P.S.  FYI – the course we use is called “Good Kids Karate Kids” and it looks like it is no longer available except on e-bay.  The investment was well worth it as we can repeat with all our kids and it is so much cheaper than karate lessons for seven kids!  We love it.

Yesterday’s miracle came late at night.  An unexpected and unsolicited offer to invest in our business.  It doesn’t get much more amazing than that.  Now I need to do my part and pray about how to use this miracle.

2 thoughts on “Missing Miracles Even When Looking for Them!

    • So many other distractions that get so much more attention and praise, even good things like school. These children deserve so much more, and no – we are not in it completely alone. Enjoy your kids today!

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