Making Omlets

In our yard we have chickens.  Chickens not only make great pets, but they also – duh, lay eggs.  Unfortunately about half of our kids don’t even like eggs.  I am always looking for better ways to cook them so we will eat more.

Yesterday I decided that I needed to go back and re-try the old standard omelet.  The last several times I tried to make omelets for dinner the kids all said “Not scrambled eggs again!”  Obviously I’m not the best omelet maker out there.  My oldest daughter was helping with dinner, so I got her started on the sausage while I snuck off to check the internet.  She sort of laughed that mom can’t even make an omelet without the help of the internet.

Let me interject here – the internet holds so much knowledge.  It is so full of good and full of bad.  The internet is actually the miracle itself today.  The good parts of it especially.  People used to suffer with ignorance.  Even 5 years ago my children would have had to suffer with poorly made omelets, but not any more.  I checked Google, it let us to YouTube,  and a short 5 minute video later and my family will have perfect omelets every time now.

Here’s the video.

The technique was sort of innovative, but effective.  We had several omelets, and every one was perfect.  My kids didn’t even recognize them as the same thing I had called omelets before, and most kids even ate them.  We also made sure that these “new” omelets were on our college kids list of things to cook at school.  Quick, easy, cheap, healthy, and perfect every time!

(Be sure to press LIKE if you are going to have omelets this week too!)


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