Holy Ground

Yesterday’s miracle (today’s post, obviously) comes from my oldest son Andrew.  First, he has an amazing opportunity to visit our nation’s capital and surrounding areas during this wonderful patriotic season.  It is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we are so happy for him and grateful for his Aunt Carrie for making it all possible.

He called me to check in yesterday and told me that they had been able to visit several battlegrounds.  I can’t wait until he gets home to tell me all the details, but I know he was impressed.  From the time he was quite little, Andrew has had an amazing ability to remember minute tactical details of a huge array of historical battles.  He must have had a blast yesterday actually being at the site of some of our nation’s most dramatic battles.  (I’ll have to get from him the exact sites he visited.)

The part that struck me as miraculous is the feeling that is experienced at many of these places.  Around the world, and even here in our amazing nation, there are places that are “holy.”  When visitors step into a sacred place we can feel that something important happened there.  Usually these are places that have been sanctified through great sacrifice, suffering, and loss of life.  I am grateful to a wise Father in Heaven who allows us to visit these special places and to be touched by such a sacred feeling there.  There is no logical explanation of why any special “feeling” should be attached to any “place,” other than it is a miraculous gift for us.

Here are a few “special” places I have visited.  Feel free to add places you have experienced as well.

Also, here are some other similar places I would like to visit

As a special note, to recognize this wonderful 4th of July holiday, I want to add one of my personal experiences.  I grew up a “military brat.”  My father served 20 years in the USAF.  Every time we would return home to the United States, I would feel an overwhelming feeling of love for my country.  I was just a kid, but I still experienced an emotional response, just in seeing and physically returning to my beloved United States.  I absolutely loved visiting other countries and learning their cultures, but there is no place like the U S of A.


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