Our city is right in the middle of a bunch of federal reserve and wilderness land.  With all of the fires that we have had this summer (a town 30 min away was evacuated), there are some additional restrictions on fireworks.  We are near the edge of town, and three houses into one of the areas where all fireworks are restricted.  Not an especially big fan of fireworks, that was fine with me.  The city did set up some areas where people could go to safely light their fireworks, and one of those areas was the ball fields about 4 blocks away.  When the city does fireworks (they don’t do the 4th of July – long story) they light them from there and we have a great view from my back bedroom.  This year actually worked out great and we saw some great private fireworks from inside our air conditioned bedroom and didn’t have to worry about fire safety and young kids.


Here’s the miracle part of the story.  Just as it was getting dark we heard a series of really loud bangs.  So loud that the cats came running in the house with their tails between their legs!  I figured people were starting on fireworks, but thought it sounded a lot closer than it should.  Next thing I knew, our car alarm started going off.  I went out front to investigate and our open garage smelled like smoke and sulfur.  We saw the back of a few teenagers heading off with their big box of fireworks.  Why they were lighting them near our house I have no idea, but one must have gone rouge and entered our open garage setting off the car alarm.  It seemed to have scared them off and we had no further problems.  I’m very glad that the car alarm chased them off, because I really didn’t want to deal with large fireworks in front of my house during the restrictions.  We have had problems with a malfunctioning car alarm, and because of that I know for sure that it was not turned on.  I guess it decided to just go off anyway.




I can’t ignore one of the greatest miracles of all time – the founding and preservation of this country.  I don’t have the ability to do that miracle the justice it deserves, so I’ll just recommend 2 books to anyone who wonders what miracles possibly have to do with politics and revolution.


  1.  The first is one of my all time favorite books – when I have time to read and study.  It is 1776 by David McCullough.  Very well researched, it gives an amazing perspective of the events of that year.  Link to Amazon here.





  1. The second is one we did in my book club.  It is Seven Miracles that Saved America by Chris and Ted Stewart.  This book is also relatively well researched and is very focused on miracles.  Link to Amazon Here.






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