Children and Scriptures

Thursday I didn’t have anything spectacular.  Just the excitement of re-uniting with my oldest son after a week vacation.  It was cool to see all the siblings excited about seeing him come home.  It was great to see Mom and Dad as well.  Family is a miracle, so that is what I’ll blog for Thursday.  My family is a HUGE gift and miracle, and I have been so blessed.  Seven flawless pregnancies, six uneventful births, seven perfect and healthy babies, and seven powerfully good and intelligent children.

For Friday I just want to share a scripture I read last night.  It is from the story of Amulek, after introducing himself as a man of great wealth and position.   “5.  Nevertheless, after all this, I never have known much of the ways of the Lord, and his mysteries and marvelous power.  I said I never had known much of these things; but behold, I mistake, for I have seen much of his mysteries and his marvelous power; yea, even in the preservation of the lives of this people.  6.  Nevertheless, I did harden my heart, for I was called many times and I would not hear; therefore I knew concerning these things, yet I would not know; therefore I went on rebelling against God, in the wickedness of my heart, . . .”  Alma 10:5-6.

To me that implies that when I fail to recognize His mysteries and miracles that DO happen every day around me, even to the preservation of my life, I am actually rebelling against God – with a wicked heart.  I need to completely fix that.  Hence this blog, and a reminder of the verse on the header “In all thy ways acknowledge Him; and He shall direct thy paths.”  When my daughter saw that verse, she told me that it was one of her absolute favorite verses.  I did not know that.  What a wise daughter I have for an 18 year old!

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