Saturday Morning Cleaning

One of the things I like about our church is that they give the members the opportunity to help out wherever possible, not wasting money on things that they do not need to.  As someone who has more ability to give service than money, I really appreciate the way it is handled.

Anyhow, Saturday morning at 7:00 am my entire family of 9 was awake, dressed, and at the church ready to wash windows, vacuum carpets, sanitize toilets, and wipe chalkboards.  We weren’t in it alone either.  Another young family of 8 was there, and several others.  We had a volunteer crew of about 20 people, and we anticipated it would only take about 1 hour working together to get the building ready.

We arrived at the building to find it spotless.  We found out later that another group (the high priests – old men basically) was in the building earlier that week, and decided that it would be a quick project to clean if everyone worked together.

This week it was especially cool that someone else had helped clean the building.  We had set a goal to take the kids to the temple once a month, and this Saturday was our scheduled day.  We had made a conscious decision to clean the building anyway, and fit the temple in later – hoping we could fit in both before it closed at noon.  Because others had helped us that morning, we were able to go do some good for someone else later that day as well.

In the same way, the money saved by not needing to hire people to clean the church is also put back into use elsewhere.  It is a win-win-win.  If you look at it that way, my 5 year old being willing to get out of bed early on a weekend can lead directly to someone having the opportunity to hear the gospel.  When we all work together and don’t obsess about our own time and our own $$, much good can be done.  I am so grateful to have the opportunity to help others that doesn’t take money I don’t have.


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