111 Degrees

According to the great authority – the internet, we topped out yesterday at 111 degrees F.  If that sounds warm, it is – even for here.  Now the internet has been known to be wrong occasionally (for example there were NO thunderstorms), but after playing kickball with the scouts in the heat of the afternoon, I’d believe it was at least 111.  Thanks to the internet I can at least rest assured it should cool down a little for the weekend.

For some odd reason, my warped human nature has no problem believing the internet, even trusting it to a degree.  Yet, I don’t often sit down and think, wow, God must be incredibly powerful.  Look at how extreme of temperatures he can create here, yet everything ultimately balances and life goes on.  (I know – some places actually get hotter than 111 and people live there without AC – but they are nuts.)  Look at how much trust he has in us to find ways to adapt, learn, grow, and even inhabit places with such extremes.  Yesterday I could have kissed whoever invented AC.

I came home after a hot ball game, cooled off with otter pops from our freezer, and thoroughly enjoyed my central air conditioning.  I finished off my evening with a great piano lesson, making beautiful music, then a little TV.  Throughout history that would be considered an amazing, luxurious, even miraculous life.  I should be on my knees in gratitude.  I do love modern conveniences – yet, it was still annoyingly hot outside.


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