6 year old birthday party

We have a birthday party coming up this weekend.  Our little 5 year old will be another year older.  As every other girl her age she has a wish list 10 miles long that she wants to do for her birthday, – everything from breaking a pinata to heading to Vegas.  We finally decided that the reason she wanted to go to Vegas was to swim and see grandparents.  Well, grandparents are good with coming here, so all I needed to do was to find a pool.  The friends down the road with a pool moved.  Other friends we use their pool will be out of town with a sick baby.  I decided to check the super fun, super close, super expensive Washington City Community Center pool and see just how much it would actually set us back.  Here’s the cool part – just on her birthday it is open swim, FREE for everyone!  God loves six year olds.  Finally a fun party in our budget.

Photo: July is Parks & Rec Month. Celebrate with us on July 20th! Click to see what we are offering!


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