Reverse Miracles

100 USD, Bank of Richmond, Virginia, series of...

I’ve been stumped at finding miracles to post, so my DH comes to the rescue with his unabashed optimism.  We had a Family Home Evening where everyone brainstormed so I would have some back-up ideas.  The winner for today is DH’s clarification for an incident he had last week.

He was out working and got paid cash.   Rather typical, but for some reason it managed to slip out of a teeny tiny hole in his pocket between his appointment and the gas station.  They looked everywhere, but it was nowhere to be found.  Rather than letting it completely ruin his day, he informed me that it was a miracle for someone else.  That’s true.  Who wouldn’t be thrilled to find a $100 bill lying on the ground!  We just hope that whoever found it really needed it more than us.


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