Absence of Danger

My children reminded me that sometimes the best miracles are when nothing at all happens, even if it should.

My youngest son Kyle, now 4, has always been a handful.  I’ve had 7 children, ran a day care, and basically spent my life around kids – but Kyle is at the top of the charts as far as tough to keep up with.  Not only is he extremely curious, but he is fast and his sense of danger took a little longer than normal to develop.  He is doing much better now, but even with the help of the 6 older kids he has not been easy to control.  All of my kids unanimously voted that the mere fact that Kyle is still alive would count as a miracle to them.

I decided to put together some hard evidence for this.  I have been married for 20 years this month.  To put things into better perspective, how many trips to the ER, broken bones, stitches, etc. do you think I should statistically have experienced?  I figure my odds were probably higher than a family with say, only 1 kid.  So, I added up the total years I have been responsible for my family’s health – 20 years for me, 20 for my husband, plus the ages of each kid.  In total I have been responsible for about 125 years of health care.

In those 125 years here are my statistics for physical health issues:

Broken bones:       1

Stitches:                 1 event (1 inch long – can’t remember how many actual stitches, Dad took care of it)

Nights in the maternity ward:       11  (includes both mother and child for 7 children’s birth)

NBICU nights:           3   (ended up being for observation only)

Nights in hospital not maternity/NBICU:     0

Concussions:        1

Trips to the ER:          4    (discharged within hours for each visit)

Trips to Instant Care:          All for childhood ear infections or strep throat, and 1 allergy attack

Major surgeries:             0

Minor surgeries:            0

Number of medications taken on a regular basis:            1  (available OTC)

Dental procedures (excluding cavities):          3


Not bad for 125 years.  Miracles?  Absolutely.  I wonder how many times something should have happened and it didn’t.  That is some serious protection!



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