Our pathetic fish

Foto tirada cunha Nikon E8800

We have an abundance of children around here, and also an abundance of pets for them, but there is one pet that always gets neglected.  The cats are pretty self sufficient, and the chickens are even more so (although we did spend an entire hour this morning fixing up their pen.)  Then there is our fish.

Over the years we have had several goldfish.  Nothing spectacular because they all seem to die.  I guess it is important where you buy your fish from.  Last Walmart fish we got didn’t even last 12 hours.  This guy we have now doesn’t even have a name, but he was bought at a “real” pet store.  He isn’t especially cute, talented, or even well loved.  He doesn’t do anything but float around in a tank.  All his buddies have passed on and down the sewer, but this guy is still here.  Dad feeds him every night because no one else cares to.  We only occasionally remember he is even there, and we neglect the poor water and filter.  We are not fish people.

Here’s my pathetic attempt for today’s miracle.  Mr. No Name fish, with no friends or family is a year and a half old, fat, and as alive as a fish needs to be.  It is amazing how little it takes to sustain his feeble little life.  Can’t even find much of a moral in it.

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