Amazing Children

Is is just me, or are children today amazing!  It was Kimber’s 6 year old birthday today.  In addition to being super excited about everything and having a mile long list of things she wanted to get and to do, there were two things that stood out.

Request 1:     Can we all be nice to my sister April for my birthday.  She’s had a rough day and I think it would be really nice to have everyone be nice to her for my birthday.  We can surprise her.

Request 2:     She “conned” Dad into taking her to the store and buying a present for her to give to everyone else.  She has so excitedly wrapped it up, put everyone’s name under the “to” section, and her name in the “from:” category.  She has been talking about it all week.  (She did share the secret with April because she just couldn’t stand it anymore.)

I know one of her sisters learned how to knit a teddy bear to give to her, and another sister spent all the money she had on presents for her sister.

Who says that everyone today is selfish and can only think of themselves?  I think the opposite.  I think children come to earth thinking about and loving others, and it is our society, our culture, and even parents who show them by example to be myopic and discourage giving of themselves to others.  (Sorry about the soapbox.)

I know there are so many others who have experienced the absolute miracle of the innocence of children.  Children hold a special place in all our hearts and for a good reason.

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