Motherhood -part 1


Motherhood is probably the one place where the most incredible things can happen.  To start with there is the incredible advent of giving birth – I think I’ll blog about that tomorrow.  Today I just wanted to share one of the incredible joys of raising children.

It is a good thing that our children are all different, and all their own people.  Kyle is the one who impressed and amazed me this morning.  He is a happy, loving person – that is just who he is.  I’ve noticed that he wakes up with a big smile on his face EVERY morning.  He looks forward to EVERY day, and he is in a happy mood, content and cheerful EVERY time he wakes up.  How do people do that?  The first thoughts in his head as he awakens are full of love, happiness, and kind words.  He’s such an example to me.  I don’t know if I even could wake up happy and smiling EVERY morning if I tried.  He reminds me of his dad.

Don’t know if that’s a gift he has, simply a personality, a fleeting innocence of youth, or an overlooked miracle for me.



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