I Didn’t Kill Anyone Today!


I was very “lucky” today to not kill anyone.  Sounds crazy, but it could have been very bad.  I was heading to the library, in the parking lot actually.  I was simply driving down the lane looking for a parking spot.  Suddenly this nine-ish year old kid appears in the road out of nowhere.  I managed to slam on my brakes and stop before I hit him.  It was close.

He had been running from the park next to the library – full speed, and ran between two closely parked mini-vans and out directly in front of me.  I was looking the other way and must have seen him out of my peripheral vision.  I had just picked a parking spot and was about to step on the gas and pull in.  Fortunately I did see him in time, and I was still going slow.  I think I scared the poor kid to death though.  Stopped dead in his tracks right in the middle of the street once he saw me.  I think he’ll look before he runs into a parking lot again.


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