Is it ever a good thing when you get a 3am phone call?


Yes.  Maybe I should clarify that.

My 12 year old son went to a friend sleepover last night.  I am generally UN-trusting of teenage sleepovers, but we knew the parents and several of the kids, good kids.   As we were deciding if we were going to let him go or not, we discussed our hesitations with our son, and clarified that we were also anxious for him to have an opportunity to have fun with his friends.  Jeremy replied with “Mom, I know your rules, and I think they are really good rules.  You know you can trust me.”  We let him go.  We did trust him.

That evening the boys were selecting a movie to watch.  A movie (PG-13) was suggested.  I have heard really good things about the movie, and will probably let my kids watch it as soon as I personally pre-view it (our family rules,) but Jeremy was not sure if it was on the “approved” list yet or not.  He actually called home to check.  When he found out it hadn’t been approved yet, he simply said “That’s okay.  I’ll just find another movie and talk everyone else into that one.”  And he did.

The 3 am call was Jeremy wanting to come home.  There wasn’t anything “bad” going on at the “sleepover,” he just was tired, couldn’t convince anyone to go to sleep, so he asked to come home so he could get some sleep.  The thing that impressed me was that he didn’t just stay up to look cool to his friends, he made his own choices for what was best for him.  (Kudos to the poor parents who did stay up all night supervising the boys.)

Anyhow, I just wanted to say it feels great those few times when you feel like your kids are going to turn out okay after all.  Confirmations like that don’t come every day.  It’s not a miracle to be proud of your kids, but it is a miracle to be blessed with such strong people for your children that you can have opportunities to be genuinely proud of who they are becoming.




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