“Lucky” People

Some people we label as “lucky.”   My son Andrew is one of those people.

He had his first encounter with customer service and warranty work.  For graduation 3 months ago, he got a new laptop to take to college.  Well, the hard drive already stopped working.  Fortunately we figured it would be still under warranty and the only trick would be getting everything fixed before school starts in 2 weeks.  Andrew is a “young adult” who wants to be independent, so he chose to deal with the issue himself.  He had some frustration understanding the heavy accents, and them wanting to avoid replacing the drive, but he did finally get the issue resolved.   With a big smile on  his face he let us know that he had taken care of everything and he would have a new hard drive in 2 – 8 weeks.  The optimist in him was hoping that it would come in 2 weeks and he may have it around the time school started – and could we mail it to his dorm address when it got here.   Being the “experienced” adult I was, I told him not to hold his breath, but to plan on closer to 8 weeks.

That was Thursday night.  It arrived here at 9am this morning (Monday.)  How did that happen?  Thumbs up to Dell.

Toshiba HDD2189 2.5" hard disk drive plat...

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