Health in General


I can’t find anything specific to record today, so I’ll just throw out some thoughts on health.  Staying healthy is something that affects everyone, and there is so much we don’t understand about it.  Our family specifically has learned the hard way what happens when illness strikes that can not be treated.  I have always found it interesting that the miracles of healing are so predominant in the stories of Christ’s life on earth.  So here are my two questions for thought for today.

  1. Why were physical healings a theme of Christ’s life?  How was it affected by his role as Creator?
  2. Is access to modern medicine a right, a privilege, a hindrance, a responsibility, or downright miracle?   Did God send some people down to wealth to enjoy health and long life from modern medicine, and others to poverty and ignorance to suffer physically?  Or do we really all suffer from mortality anyway?  Or are there other answers out there we have forgotten about?

Food for thought today.  I know that constant study and prayer have done more for my family than the doctors have.  At least that is the way it seems.  I am also still learning about the powers and limitations of “natural” medicines with my essential oils.



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