Variations on a Theme

Relief Society

Relief Society (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Instead of focusing on the miracles in my life, the next several posts before I go on vacation are going to focus on a related, but separate issue.  In a few weeks I get to teach the lesson in Relief Society.  Our lesson comes from a talk by Pres. Uchtdorf on Mercy.  I would like to take my blogging time and focus my thoughts on that, so I can be more prepared.

Really though, what is better proof of God’s love and power than His Mercy.  If we want to grow to become like him, isn’t mercy a characteristic we need to develop in ourselves?  As I have started preparing I have run into so many places where mercy, love and kindness are lacking.  I hope over the next week or so to get some good feedback about how to change that in our families, in our communities, in the world in general, and especially in ourselves.

I start today by sharing the link to read or watch this marvelous sermon.  At over 16 min, it takes a few precious minutes to listen to, but it is well worth anyone’s time.

View Pres. Uchtdorf Here


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