Cleaning out the “trash” and “junk” in my closets yesterday.  I realized that we also need to clean out the “trash” and “junk” in our relationships.  Thinking about how judgments and criticisms are the trash and junk.  It’s hard to let go of some things, and I’m not sure where to put them to let go.  Don’t know how to forgive someone who continues to hurt you, especially if they don’t mean to.  Don’t know how to clean a relationship on another person’s terms.  I guess I’m not sure what to replace feelings of hurt, envy, and pain with.  In my closet I replace things no longer relevant to my life with items in better condition that better reflect my current interests.  I think we do the same with people, but you don’t just replace family.  Maybe this is part of the problem with a disposable society.


I think tomorrow I’d better just go back to looking for miracles.

2 thoughts on “Cleaning

  1. Cyndi:

    I went to the Temple yesterday, and went through the Prayer Circle (Which opens the conduit to Heaven for you and your prayers in the Celestial room ascend to Heavenly Father with power), and prayed for forgiveness for all my selfishness, pettiness, judging, taking offense and in general all of my weaknesses. I thanked Heavenly Father for Jesus Christ and his great agony and pain he suffered for me. I asked Heavenly Father to please bless me with power to let go, and to be the loving, caring, daughter of his that I can become. I asked to be able to serve Norman and others with thought of self. In effect, I was asking Him to help me overcome my mortal self. I also asked that I would be able to inter act with Norman and not take things he says, does, or does not say or do, personally. That I would be able to think and not react, and remember he does these things because of his stroke. It is in effect, the stroke talking to me.

    Now this may not be a totally accurate picture of Norman and his way of thinking and acting, but, it is my perception.

    I feel such peace. I was told I was loved.

    I have been able to be all l want to be today. I haven’t been really challenged yet, but feel I have found the secret of how to handle it. I just have to be steadfast.

    Love you, Doris

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