Power of Decision




I’m finally home, and at my computer.  Today I wanted to reflect on the power each of us has in us to achieve our goals.  I was teaching a lesson on building stronger family relationships through mercy and not judging.  I wanted to take that lesson into my life, and as I did so, and acted on my promptings I found a new friend in my family that I didn’t know I had.


My oldest daughter also had a similar experience.  She had made a commitment to be more social and outgoing.  This is something that is very difficult and intimidating for her.  But as she did her part, started reading books on friendship, and connecting a little more on facebook, she too has been blessed.  Within one month of her commitment to improving herself she has got new roommates who I think will help her with that commitment, and she has been asked out by a guy she likes, twice!


Sometimes it takes just a little effort, and sometimes it takes a lot of effort, but I believe that we all have the ability to change ourselves.  One of the evidences of where we came from before this life.



One thought on “Power of Decision

  1. I completely agree, we all have the ability to change, but you need to want to yourself, nobody else does it for you. It is hard to get out of old habits as it feels comfortable and safe. I know it is possible as I have done it too, and life is happier, every new day is precious and wonderful to live!
    Thank you for linking my blog!

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