Fresh Fruit!

English: Vicar of Winkfield pears, a very old ...

Stopped by a neighbor’s house today and picked up fresh pears.  No one in our house really likes pears.  We never buy them at the store.  We do sometimes eat them from cans, but mostly for variety.

Anyhow, everyone loves these.  There is something so much better about fresh fruit right off the tree.  Fresh anything right off the tree or the vine is so much better than what we get in stores.  It even tastes noticeably different.

Anyhow, just saying that fruits and veggies in season, fresh from the grower is something science can’t duplicate.  It can analyze the content, but it can not make a canned fruit taste like one right off the tree.  Not that I’m anti-science, I’m just pointing out another everyday miracle we take for granted.


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