Lack of Faith


Spend all day cooped up in my house cleaning, so not much happened, although the house is looking a lot better.

I did learn that we can have a lack of faith and not realize it.  I have been worrying about a $300 – $400 medical need that is coming up.  My insurance is really bad and covers almost nothing.  Turns out that I AM covered for this.  Co-pay will be either $5 or $10 for the entire procedure and prescription.  I had a tiny bit of faith that there would be a way to take care of what I needed, but no faith in the insurance company.  Decided to look it up today so I could start negotiating with the doctor’s office before it was too late.  I was so shocked that it was covered.  I think I’ll call the doctor and double check everything, then not wait until the last minute.  What a waste of worry, and what a relief that things are going to work out.




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