Reasons for Trials


A few years ago I went through the hardest trial that I had ever faced.  Long story short it involved a severe mental health crisis of a close family member and some catastrophic malpractice from the medical community.  It was one of those trials that eventually do get better, but when it is “over” you aren’t quite sure who won.  The type you stand back and say, I’m not sure I wanted to go through that, but everyone is still breathing, so I guess we are okay.

Had a little perspective on that particular trial these last few weeks.  Someone else I am close to may be facing a similar challenge, and a much longer road.  If needed, this time I will have some tools to deal with it, and some knowledge that I did not have before.  I would be in a unique position to help ease those burdens.  So putting things in perspective, what I saw as a miserable and unfair challenge to me, may actually have just been preparation to be able to help someone else.  If that is what I face, will my previous trial be worth the pain I went through?  Probably, yes.  I still didn’t want it, and I pray that this new problem will never escalate to the level I faced before, but if it does I will be able to make someone else s life easier – and isn’t that what this life is about?

The “miracle” is that God knows enough to prepare people and strengthen them.  My anger that I had to go through the initial difficulties would have been avoided if I had had perspective.  Yet, lack of perspective is what helps us grow.



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