Somewhere Else to Look

Have you ever gotten to some challenge, only to see that you had already been prepared to handle it?  That is the work of the Lord.  Only He can see what we have to face ahead of us.  The more I look for this type of preparation, the more I see it.  I’ll share one easy to see example.

When I started college I decided for some unknown reason that I could handle the maximum number of credits my first year, and be involved in multiple extracurricular activities.  Crazy?  Stupid? Probably.  However, I was able to handle things just fine – and do summers.  Could never explain why I pushed so hard.

My final year of college was anything but what I had planned for.  Not only was I married, but I also had a child.  However, I was able to finish school on schedule, work, and still have time to spend with my child and husband.  This only happened because I had such a small handful of credits to finish due to my overloading and going summers previously – although I hadn’t previously known why I needed to.  I think learning to work that hard also helped as well.



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