Barter Anyone?

I was looking at my carpets last week and realizing that I had been putting them off way, way, way too long.  It is just so much work to clean everything myself, and so expensive to have someone else do it.  I have been “saving up” to rent a cleaner for a while now, and there just seem to be so many other priorities.  I decided to finally just do something about it.  My thought was to look online to see if someone was selling a good quality cleaner for the same price of renting so I didn’t have to do a 6-8 hour marathon shampoo without break so I could get the machine returned on time.  If that failed, I’d try to find some neighbors to go in together.

I checked online, and while I didn’t find a machine for the price I liked, I did find someone local who was offering their initial cleaning on “barter.”  I contacted them and quickly set up a time and a trade.  Today my carpets got cleaned, and they have never looked better!  I am thrilled with the job they did, and their prices for the next cleaning are the same price as renting a machine myself.  I am so excited I will for sure use them again.


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