Humor Today

Re-posting an old joke.  So appropriate to how miracles happen in my life.

Seems a college professor one day got up in front of the class and announced that God did not exist and that he would prove it. He then proceeded to look up and loudly proclaim “God, if you’re real, strike me down, or else everyone here will know you’re not real.”
The class went silent as all watched him. Nothing happened.
Again, he made his declaration, and again nothing happened.
He did this four times with no response from the heavens, and the class remained silent as they all watched him.
Just then, one of the students, a Marine, got up, walked up to where the professor stood, and with one swift punch, knocked him out. He then returned to his seat. A couple of minutes went by and the professor came back to his senses with a groan. He sat up, looked around, and then asked the Marine “Why did you punch me?”
The Marine answered “God was busy, so He sent me instead.”


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