Odd Answers to Prayers


The gateway to heaven via prayer is in and of itself a miracle.  However, often we have a rote prayer, and a rote response – “done” or “not now” type response.  Yesterday I had a very odd response that reminded me that someone really is listening.

I was praying for a favor for someone else, so I knew it wasn’t just me being rote and trivial.  It was kind of important and would have a dramatic impact on that person’s quality of life, and I had promised to do some serious praying for them.  I got an instant answer.  Not just as soon as I finished praying, but as soon as I had opened my mouth.  I was told that I was not supposed to pray for that particular favor – not even just to ask.  I thought it was a sort of odd answer, definitely not what I expected, so I started to ask why.  I guess I probably need to work on questioning the Lord and how he works, because I was told to just leave it alone.  I felt sort of awkward going back to that friend and saying that I was unable to pray for them in this instance.

I did learn a few things though.  I was reminded how closely God is listening.  I was also reminded that he knows each and every one of us, and he knows us well enough to tailor specific answers to each and every sincere prayer.  I also suspect that those specific answers are exactly what we need, whether we realize it or not.



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