Teenage Boys

I love the man in my life.  I love the fact that he is very different from me.  When I was 17 years old, however, I thought the boys were incredibly immature, arrogant, reckless, and generally incomprehensible.  Now that I have a 17-year-old boy of my own I still think the same thing.  All I can say is that it was a good thing I didn’t know my husband at 17.

I do now have the privilege of seeing another side of teenage boys at the same time.  My work with the BSA and Cub Scouting program has helped me understand a little better their fun-loving side, and their absolute need for externally modeled and even imposed guidance and learning.  Last night we Skyped with my now 17-year-old male who is off at college, and “knows everything,” and absolutely does not need anything from his parents because he is so competent and ready to conquer the world (in his own mind of course.)  He just reminds me of everything I can’t tolerate in a males.

The amazing part is the opportunity to see the vulnerable part of the equation.  Not only did he want to talk for an hour and a half last night, but he wants to start checking in more often.  I know better than to accuse him of being homesick, but it is good to see that he still needs family at least a little.  I may never understand the gender completely, and I will never appreciate the “indestructible” mindset they have, but I can still love them anyway.  And despite his absolute knowledge of pretty much everything in the universe, he does know a lot of pretty cool stuff.

I do wonder sometimes how often Father sees us acting like a know-it-all teenager.  Horrific thought.  Maybe we can redeem ourselves a little by checking in more often.

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