No Oral Surgery

About 6 months ago my husband was told he had a serious and dangerous dental condition.  The tooth under a cap had started to decay deep down and he would need to go see a specialist to take care of it before it infected his bloodstream.  None of this was covered, and it is very expensive.  Only 1 or 2 places in town supposedly will deal with it.  For the last 6 months he has been worrying about this tooth that didn’t hurt, but smelled terrible.

He finally went in today for a second opinion.  A more helpful dentist said there was some serious decay down very deep, but not in his tooth – beside it.  Instead of oral surgery he needs a specialized toothbrush attachment and lots of floss.  Just avoided a major expense!  Lesson – always get a second opinion – and oh yeah, lots of floss!  Almost as good as a healing. 🙂


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