Outgrowing A Trial

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Current theory is that you never “outgrow” or “cure” ADD/ADHD.  That said, it no longer disrupts my son’s life.  His inattentiveness and overwhelming curiosity and energy would get in his way of his grasping academic concepts and completing and turning in homework.  We had even considered holding him back a grade at one point.  We didn’t want to, because everyone agreed that there was a very acute intelligence in that scattered brain of his.  We worked with him, specialists worked with him, we got him one-on-one, but never found a way to get through.

This year he is in 7th grade, and something “clicked.”  Don’t know how or why, but he went from struggling to understand what we even wanted of him, to loving school and learning.  His grades have skyrocketed, and he has even joined MathCounts and a Science Exploration Club.  We have no idea what made the change, and even he can’t explain it himself, but we are all thankful that his hard work has finally paid off.  So much time and energy went into understanding him, but now he has his life back.  Phew!  He will probably never be able to spell, and will always be severely disorganized, he will always be distracted more often than not, but he has somehow learned to compensate to a degree that no longer stops him from doing what he wants, including learn.


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