Weight Lifting


As I’m finishing up my daily posts and transitioning soon to weekly, I just wanted to share the biggest benefit I have experienced from these daily acknowledgments.  I have felt a portion of God’s power grow in me.  It is sort of hard to explain, but I’ll try.


Let’s say you start a new strength training program.  After 100 days of daily strength training you would expect to be a little stronger, and you would definitely feel more powerful than when you started.  My little exercises of trying to open my eyes to God’s power in my life has had a similar effect.  I can feel a dramatic increase in my personal spiritual power and strength.  My testimony and conviction of the power and influence of my Heavenly Father have never been stronger.  I hope to maintain the internal strength that I have had the privilege of developing.


I would definitely encourage anyone who would like to experience their own growth to try a little experiment of their own as well.  I know that it is important to recognize the source of the little miracles in our lives, and it is also important to somehow record and share them.  Doing this online has definitely been a stretching and growing experience for me, but it is obviously something I just needed to do.




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