Blind and Deaf

Okay, it is one week already and here is my post on the new direction I am heading.  First off, I am taking my weekly blogging time to exercise.

My personal/spiritual focus, however, is shifting to seeing another type of miracle.  I have realized that not only do I have difficulty seeing His miracles all around me, but a lot of the time I have difficulty hearing His voice all around me.  Just like I needed to record the miracles I saw all around me – to nurture gratitude, I am now working on recording the promptings I get.  Recording them is in some ways more important, because then I am less likely to forget to ACT, and when it comes down to it, we need to be WORKING our way through this life, not just OBSERVING.

Pres. Monson made an important point recently.  He said “the Lord’s purposes are often accomplished as we pay heed to the guidance of the Spirit. I believe that the more we act upon the inspiration and impressions which come to us, the more the Lord will entrust to us His errands.”

So my ultimate goal is to act on more of the impressions I receive.  I have realized that I do the same thing with impressions as I do with miracles.  I reason away that it was a random thought, or unimportant, or coincidence, or from my own insecurities, or whatever.  Too many times any rational is acceptable except that the Lord wants me to do something.  Too many times he as to yell (figuratively) before I will listen.    Even then there is the next step of acting that may or may not happen.

I will share 2 quick experiences this week already.

1.  I have a goal to bring someone a meal on a weekly basis.  I have been doing this for a long time.  Last week I was having difficulty figuring out who I should cook for.  The quiet prompting was to pray.  I wasn’t going to.   There are so many people in need I could figure this one out myself.  However, because I knew I would have to record even the quiet promptings, I decided to pray anyway.  It wouldn’t hurt.  Immediately as I prayed, I knew the family who was supposed to receive the meal.  I would never have considered them.  They actually have a good job, no major illnesses or anything wrong that I knew of.  They probably would even be embarrassed to receive a meal.  However, I need to trust that the Lord knows their hidden struggles.

2.  I decided Tuesday to walk somewhere else instead of on my favorite trail.  I rationalized that I just wanted to be closer to home.  On the way back I saw a fresh column of smoke billowing out of a senior couple’s yard.  I decided I had better make sure it was a controlled burn, because it sure smelled and looked suspicious.  Turned out they knew it was there and were just starting their wood furnace for the year.  They had completely overloaded it, but vented out the back of the house they didn’t realize it.  They were very grateful I had cared enough to stop because a few years back their home had caught fire and scared them good.  They returned the favor with some help for my kids.  Win, win.  I don’t know which one of us that prompting was for.  His ways are greater than our ways.

Anyhow, I’ll work on posting up a PDF of the form I made to track my promptings.  If anyone wants to use it too, please be my guest.  Look on the top menu bar thing.


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