Timely Intervention

Yesterday I stayed home sick with a bunch of sick kids.  Decided I had to go in to work that evening anyway because I was getting behind there as well.  My oldest, and healthiest one, gets home from school the same time I have to leave.  She gets home just in time to babysit which was a good thing because Dad was working last night as well.  She walked in and I realized she looked miserable.  She was in no condition to babysit, and I had to leave – right then.  I felt terrible leaving the kids like that.  I told myself that at least I had dinner ready, but then I went to pull the buns out, and realized I had the wrong type of buns.  Oh well, they would have to eat their round chicken patties on long hot dog buns.  I felt like a terrible mother.

On the way to my lesson, I got a call that my first student was not going to make it that week.  That call gave me just enough time to run to the store and get some correctly shaped buns and some comfort food, and quickly get everyone set up with entertainment.  I was then able to head off and teach with a little less guilt.

I’m putting this day under the daily assists that I simply wouldn’t want to live without.


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