Do Nothing

As I have been working on listening more carefully for promptings of what I am supposed to be doing with my time, I have been getting an overwhelming answer of “do nothing” or even “just wait.”  Several times it was simply to keep my mouth shut.  I think that is the hardest thing for me personally to do.  Nothing – or less – or the seemingly unproductive.

Other than the fact that I have had a cold and probably needed the rest anyway, it has been interesting to see the results.  I have probably accomplished just as much as other weeks, but I think I have been guided to more things that I would not have personally chosen to do with my time.  The things that have gotten accomplished were simply different types of things than I had intended to get done.  I have been much more patient with both others and with myself.  I hope some doors have even been opened so that I can act on them when the time is right.  A few things even worked out fine without my intervention.  Some didn’t.

Does anyone else have trouble “doing nothing” even when they know they shouldn’t.

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