Recording a quick miracle that I couldn’t blog last week due to the holidays.

Went with my daughter on a quick trip to the thrift store to get some shoes while I was on vacation.  Only had about 20 min to find shoes and get back.  My super hard to fit shoes for daughter fit in the first pair that she picked up.  Because we found them so quickly I told her she could pick out a stuffed animal for her cousin.  I had wanted to look for some items for Christmas, but just didn’t feel like I had the time.  The stores back home are so small that I had given up finding things I wanted, and felt blessed to find the shoes.  I knew the odds of finding a Star Wars lightsaber were pretty slim anyway, and didn’t want to wast my time, so I just went and helped look at the stuffed animals.

I have no idea who dropped 5 Star Wars lightsabers in the stuffed animal bin that day, but I will have some very happy campers on Christmas Day!

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