“Never Give Up”

Words of wisdom to live by, so I’ve been told.  What people fail to mention is that there is a time to stop doing the futile.  It is easy for us to see when other people are pursuing fruitless endeavors, but not so easy to see when it is time to take a step back ourselves.

My prompting for this week was to take a step back, and quite literally to “just quit.”  I have been fighting a personal battle with an educational group for 4 years now, telling myself that if I was just more enthusiastic, a better example, I’m doing it for my kids, if I worked better with others, if I were more patient, if I made more time, “be part of the solution rather than part of the problem,” blah, blah, blah.  It’s time to stop trying to change others, time to stop trying to help others who don’t want help.  I feel I have done what I could and then some, but now it is time to stop investing in people and programs that are pulling others down.  Groups well intentioned, but full of excuses and bickering are not examples I want for my family.

It is hard to give up something you have wanted for so long, but that’s what I was told.  Now I either obey or don’t.  No one wants to admit failure, but I guess I misunderstood how little influence I have had.  More time and energy for other endeavors I guess.



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