Picture of a seven week old miniature poodle pup

Okay, back from vacation.

In an interesting turn of events this week, we have a new family member.  Potter.  Let me preface with I am NOT an animal person.  My daughter IS, but I am NOT.  Read on, and I’ll show you where I found the miracle.

On Monday we went into the extra bedroom to find the hamster cage on the floor, cage popped wide open, a very guilty looking cat locked in the room, and no hamster anywhere to be found.  We had an afternoon of tears.  The hamster was special because she was a “consolation prize,” but other than that, not especially loved or important.  Our daughter really wanted a dog, but Mom and Dad and sister don’t even like dogs, so we settled on the hamster.

That evening, out of the blue, someone offered us a free puppy.  Long story short, it felt right so we got him.  It looks like he will work out just fine, and much to my surprise I even like him!

What Potter (our new miniature Poodle-Pom puppy) has taught me this week is just how much God loves all of his creations.  I think our hamster died so that we would find the right dog at the right time.  He was given away because he was not really wanted, and not overly well taken care of.  I get the impression that he is very grateful to be with us.  It obvious that he loves people, and we have many people in our house to get to know.

When I took him outside yesterday to introduce him to the chickens,  he even was nice to them.  I got the overwhelming impression that they would accept him as much as he had already accepted them.  (Just sniffed at them and drank their water.  Then let them chase his ball.)  I also got an overwhelming impression that all of these crazy animals that we have at our home (9 chickens, 2 cats, 1 goldfish, and now 1 dog) actually were important in the eyes of their Maker.  I felt that he had given them to us, firstly because we were willing to take them, but also because it was important for them to be taken care of by us.  I understood that He loved those “stupid” little animals as well.

Maybe the miracle should be that he will get along with the chickens, but there was a definite lesson for me that God loved this little poodle specifically.  And the chickens.  I knew that, but at the same time, I didn’t really.


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