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I am ready to start posting new miracles every day again, rather than just every week.  I’m so grateful for this particular one, but a year ago I probably would have dismissed it and not even given it a second thought.


Yesterday I woke up rather cold.  I knew it was forecasted to be a colder day, but that shouldn’t have effected the internal temperature.  When I checked the thermostat, it was registering well below where it was programmed to be. The heater wasn’t running either.  I watched for a while as the system would start to come on, flash an error code, then turn off.  I hurried in to the computer to look up what that particular error code meant.  It was a vague, non-helpful, could be pretty much anything code.


My mind filled with questions, how much would it cost us, should we call someone out on a Sunday, how cold would we really get, should we cancel the dinner party at our house that afternoon?  We decided just to use the space heaters for a while and get to church on time.  That needed to be the priority.  My husband unplugged the furnace and made breakfast.  I turned off the system, put a space heater by the shower, and got everyone ready.


When we came home the space heaters had done a decent job and it wasn’t too cold.  We restarted the system and — everything is working fine again.  Woke up this morning nice and toasty too.




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