Head Trauma

Life of a mom – scrapes, boo-boos, & head bonks.  Yesterday my 4 year old tripped and hit the corner of a cement restraining wall.  Friction burn, large goose-egg, and a little blood.  Scared the neighbor pretty bad.  We’ve done this a few times before, so I knew to wait before panicking.  It took about 5 hours before I was sure he was really okay, but he did eventually get back to normal.

This last year I’ve been experimenting with essential oils for treating various aches and pains.  I put some frankincense and helicrysum on the bump, simply to help speed the healing.  Today he has a large, but clean scab on the friction burn, but absolutely no bump and no bruising at all.

Great feeling to know a) he is just fine, and b) that I could actually help the problem myself.  One of the suspicions that I am testing out this year is that a lot of our physical ailments can actually be overcome if we have the faith to be healed.  We just need to do our part and keep a very open mind.  Faith is the only reason I pursued the essential oil route as I felt that it was something meant for my family.  I think it helped yesterday!  And with head bonks, things could always have been worse.



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