Banana bread loaf.


Yesterday I experienced a series of stories about coincidences that were not really coincidences at all.  It was interesting to see what they had in common.


  • A missionary randomly visiting a pizza place for lunch ran into a complete stranger who was looking for someone to help her find the gospel again so her son could be baptized.  Well, that missionary had made a commitment to pray more to find people who needed him, and had prayed for that very thing immediately before leaving for lunch that day.
  • A lady recovering from a surgery needed a little help, and was about to call an adult child and ask for a loaf of bread to be picked up from the store.  Her visiting teacher, who had never been welcome in the home, stopped by right then with a loaf of freshly baked bread.  A door of friendship was opened that remained open the remainder of the lady’s life.  The visiting teacher had a desire to visit, but had decided to drop off the bread despite the fact she did not expect to ever be welcomed.
  • A friend of mine was even looking for someone who knew something about how to do blogs about our beliefs, and mentioned it to me today.  She had no clue I did this.


My conclusion, when we are actually trying to do God’s will, we probably shouldn’t be surprised if he helps line things up occasionally.  Things are probably more intentional on his part than we realize, but we also need to be doing our part.


Remember my definition of miracles, “An evidence of God’s power to guide the affairs of mortal life for His Children’s benefit and growth.”



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