More Technology! – Part 2

2.  My teenage son was also a great example of appropriate technology last week.  He has some favorite multi-player games where he is allowed to cautiously interact with people he meets.  Despite the obvious need for extreme caution, I believe he needs to learn how to appropriately interact with others online.  While playing he made two new friends.  He told us all about them, first because he was excited, and second because one of them used a casual swear word and he felt the need to report that to me and discuss how that may affect his interaction.  He already knew what to do, but I appreciated the communication.

Anyhow, one of the new friends  was a little confused about some of what was going on.  He told this new group of friends that he had aspergers and my son and the other boy jumped right in and gave him a lot of support and positive reinforcement.  My son came away with a new appreciation of the power of positive friends.  It was interesting because just the week before we had interacted with a group of special needs children.  My son schooled me because he instinctively realized “Mom, they just want to have friends like everyone else.  Maybe they may even need friends more than everyone else, because not everyone may be as friendly towards them.  But they are just a little different, that’s all.  They just want friends Mom.” How cool that the internet may be another place where they can find some good friends.  There are good people out there too.




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