Today’s miracle involves the miracle of individuality.

As a private music teacher I love cultivating each student’s individuality.  This last week has been our area’s equivalent of solo festival.  One young student, barely 8 years old, had a piece that he had been working on for a while.  After he had learned it and registered to perform it, he had gotten a little lazy, and let some errors creep in.  He panicked when he realized how far downhill he had let the piece get and how hard it would be to change the errors.

When I checked in on him after his performance he had an interesting story to tell.  He had performed the piece perfectly and received a Superior (I) rating, with a rant review from the judge.  He actually felt a little guilty because he knew he had not prepared to that level, but he learned something about himself.  He told me that under the pressure of performing for the judge, something kicked in and he was able to perform flawlessly.  He begged me not to make him play it again because he just wanted to remember the perfect performance.

This little 8 year old has found an individual strength and gift that many adults covet.   I see it as evidence of a gift from God in a young individual.


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