The Mouth of Babes

It never ceases to amaze me how often our children teach us.  My six year old came up to me yesterday (she is rather mature for her age) and let me know she had made a new friend.

She told me she was out walking the dog (she just noticed he needed a walk, so she took care of it), and she ran into one of the neighbors.  These neighbors live across the street and have a work schedule that is quite different than ours, so they aren’t home much when we are.  They are really nice people, but we just don’t know them too well.  She said they had a new teenager living with them, and that they had become instant friends.  Long story short, my six year old initiated a new friendship and opened some doors to get to know our neighbors better!  She even set up another time to get together.  That was something I should really have done, but I just haven’t.  I had spent all day trying to think of someone I could do something nice for, but my daughter just went next door and did what I had not figured out.

My children amaze me.


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