Gifts of Healing

We are doctor shopping again, so I’ve been noticing more recently the people who work with our bodies.  If there were a gift that I often wish I had, it would probably be the gift of healing. I think I can do rather well with the making a person comfortable part, but not with the healing itself.

I’ve met just a few people in my life who I feel really have the gift of healing.  One was actually a physician (retired, or I wouldn’t be looking!), and others were not.  I’ve been to many doctors who I think do a great job with the knowledge they have, and they have a great ability to use the tools at their disposal, but they are not overly intuitive about how bring an entire body to health.  From what I’ve seen, an actual healing miracle often is accompanied by a spiritual healing of the person as well.

In our family, we have had much sickness, and much healing.  Healing usually has come after much trial and error, and after much suffering and learning from that suffering.  Someday I hope to better understand how faith and suffering both play a role in the healing process.  In the mean time, does anyone have any great examples of healings?


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