Glastonbury 2005 - kid in mud


Maybe another post I’ll go into more thought about the sheer power of waterGrand Canyon, etc.  Today it did a number on my backyard.


Ever added water to dry clay?  That is my backyard.  We’re having trouble growing anything in it, so a section is just dirt.  Yesterday we got some light snow/rain.  (Doesn’t rain much here, snows yearly.)  Now my backyard area is one huge mud puddle.  Over the summer I spent hours trying to re-level it for landscaping preparation, but it was like chiseling bricks.  Now I’ll just run a rake or something over it and it will be good for the summer – if the kids stay off.  I guess a little rain is more powerful than I am.  Should have used water over the summer, but the mess is too much for me.



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